Personal Trainers in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Personal Trainers in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Personal Trainer Fred Como

Wellness Coach & Trainer

Fred Como

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044


  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Body Sculpting
  • Functional Training

During one on one sessions, semi-private or group training, we utilize resistance bands, dumb bells, kettle bells, sandbags and much more for workouts which change each time. No two workouts are ever the same, so you never truly condition to doing the same boring routines. I often include Tai Chi Meditation, fitness games, obstacle courses, group hikes and monthly open classes just for fun so you can bring friends and family if you wish! I like to keep contact with my clients not only at the workout, but also through texting, emails, FaceBook, Tweets, newsletters, special mailings and phone calls. I feel it's important to build a relationship with each client and not just go through the workouts and collect your money. I really do care, and I feel it's important for you to reach your goals. As for why you should hire me instead of someone else? I stay current on changes in the industry and especially research and the science behind exercise, and weight loss especially. I am constantly reading or watching blogs of the best trainers in the industry - not the TV personality ones, but the ones who are in it every day. I don't hard sale, I don't scream at my clients, I don't treat them like an ATM either. I'm open, I am sincere and if I believe it will help you reach your goals I will offer it to you. I will share a little tough love at times, but sometimes we all need the truth delivered in a slap rather than a hug. I'm fair, creative, out going, open, honest and pretty funny. I won't judge you and I will support you and be next to you during this journey. You won't do it alone, but in all honestly, I won't, nor can I, do it for you. I simply love what I do and I share this passion with you.

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