Personal Trainers in Lees Summit, Missouri

Personal Trainers in Lees Summit, Missouri

Personal Trainer John Harris

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John Harris

Lees Summit, Missouri 64086


  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation

I started my fitness journey in high school dabbling with football and wrestling. Nothing seemed to Life Transformations Fitness Trainer John Harrisstand out or seem like a perfect fit, all I knew was that I had a drive, intensity, a pure will to better. After my freshman year I decided to drop sports but I always carried the weight training over. To keep myself busy I dabbled in the theatre department but training always remained. I loved the pump, the dark place, the stress relief, the social interaction. I loved the training. After High School, I always surrounded myself around fitness oriented people and environments. Knowledge began to surround me as a result and I soaked up all that I could! I began to learn proper eating habits and how to tweak them to new goals. I began sharing tips and my excitement with friends, family, anyone who would listen. This was what fit; this was my niche, my escape. Nothing much has changed as far as my excitement for training goes. There’s nothing that says more about a person than the drive, dedication, and bravery it takes to obtain your passion. That’s why I am proud to work here at Life Transformations and I am proud to call myself a Personal Trainer!! Contact John Harris: Gym Phone: 816-217-2762 Email:

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