Specializing in Personal Training and Weight Loss for Women in New Tampa

Davida Constant - 813-240-1375

Tampa, Florida 33647

Trains only women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • back problems

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  • IFPA
  • ACE

Personal Trainer Overview

I have more than 26 years of experience in the gym, and I know what works! When training my clients, I use a variety of techniques and equipment such as the Bosu and stability balls, free weights, kettle bells, bands, machines and more. I focus on building core strength since it is so important to everything from preventing back pain to daily living. I belief in variety and no two sessions are ever the same so my clients never get bored. I ensure that they can master every level of exercise before progressing to the next and will never have someone do an exercise she is not ready to do. I also offer a comprehensive Weight Loss and Nutrition program that teaches the fundamentals of "clean eating" and emphasizes proper nutrition through food rather than diet pills and shots. Additional services include grocery store "tours" and kitchen "makeovers" to teach you how to shop for, plan, and prepare your meals.

Training Philosophy

My mission as a personal trainer is to educate my clients about exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to empower them to make the most of their abilities: through knowledge, direction and encouragement. I want clients to take an active interest in accomplishing their goals, and I welcome their input and feedback throughout the entire training process. I am a very "hands-on" personal trainer. I constantly observe my clients and correct any mistakes they might make to avoid injury and to make the exercise the most effective. Whether it's a change in foot or arm placement, etc, I keep a close eye on my clients at all times. I train clients ranging in age from teens to seniors, including those in wheelchairs and stroke survivors, as well as individuals recovering from injuries and surgeries. You are never too old to get in shape!


I earned a B.S. from California State University Sacramento, and am certified as a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Sports Nutrition Adviser. I have taken many courses including Back Injury Prevention, Core Training,including stability balls, , Functional Senior Fitness, Exercises for Scoliosis, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and many more.


My passion for weight lifting and nutrition started back in 1985 while I was attending college in California. I joined my first gym and started eating “healthy”. I could not believe the improvements in my body that I saw in such a short amount of time. Others noticed too, and started asking for my help with exercise and nutrition. Since then I have trained in “big” health clubs and private studios but prefer owning my own business because I am able to provide my clients with personalized attention, and customize their programs based on their individual goals and needs. Since I have 3 children of my own, I know what it takes to get in shape and stay in shape because I have been there myself! I also understand the roadblocks mothers face with regard to finding time to exercise and eating healthy while trying to raise a family! I’ve helped many people meet their goals, overcome limitations, challenge themselves, and see changes in their body that they never dreamed of. Now I want to help YOU!