Personal Trainers in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Personal Trainers in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Personal Trainer Karen Rudiger

Exercise Physiologist/ Anatomist/ Athletic Trainer/ Fitness Coach/

Karen Rudiger

Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024


  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aerobics
  • Body Sculpting
  • Specialized in Posture and Align

After working in this field for forty plus years, my career has shifted into mentoring colleagues and supervising gifted athletes into developing personal trainer careers. Athletic background: X-pro athlete, extreme athlete, freestyle snow skier, free runner, body builder, acrobatic, cyclist, mountaineer, surfer, and more. At nearly sixty years old, my skill level and physical condition remains exceptional. Why? because I learned from the ground up and never followed the direction of a coach who did not hone exceptional skills as an athlete first and foremost! I never injured myself during training practice or during athletic performance. I am among the early fitness pioneers who pushed to promote the art of physical training outside the athletic arena into mainstream. I introduced the concept idea of hiring an athlete as a Personal Trainer, and launched the first pay-per-service for a personal trainer in health club history, at the former Vertical Club of Manhattan. As a visionary I started in this business prior to the existence of certification programs and college curriculums. Today there are too many false profiteers taking advantage of innocent ignorance in fitness and education. The foundation of all fitness concepts and training practices, including physical therapy, all stem from the ideas and examples performed by Athletes not Medical practitioners misguiding the public with poor interpretations. Therefore, my advice for all fitness trainee's, is to learn from an experienced injury free athlete with exceptional skills.

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