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Personal Trainer David Green

Certified Personal Trainer

David Green

Biloxi, Mississippi 39532


  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Workplace Wellness

I have been a certified personal trainer for over 20 years with a total of 30 years strength training experience. I utilize both strength training and cardiovascular training to help my clients reach their goals.

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Fitness training in Mississippi is becoming increasingly popular amongst the residents, but it has always been essential to the state’s premiere athletes.  The University of Mississippi, or as it is more commonly known, Ole Miss, is a leader in the collegiate sports arena especially where basketball, and more importantly football is concerned.  With the regions top fitness instructors and personal trainers on hand to cultivate their athletes into machines, it is not complicated to ascertain how they produce some of the finest sportsmen in the college sports sector.


Mississippi is renowned for the amplitude of cotton it produces on an annual basis.  Greenwood, Mississippi has been designated the cotton capital of the world, and is the second largest cotton exchange in the nation. Greenwood is also the source of several gyms and fitness training facilities such as Advanced Rehabilitation and Fitness Center.  Here you will not only receive instruction from a personal trainer, but if you are dealing with a new or existing injury you can seek services from a selection of physical therapy fitness trainers to assist with the rehabilitation that will get you back in shape while strengthening your problem area.


The Mississippi River stretches more than 2,300 miles and is the most substantial in the nation.  It is also the country’s chief waterway and is frequently referred to as Old Man River.  With a slew of activities along this immense river to participate in, you are sure to increase your heart rate and burn off extra calories to help lose weight.


Mississippi is noted for its hearty soil and plentiful crops of wheat, rice and vegetables, but it is also notorious for is southern meals and fried foods.  In 1898 in Biloxi root beer was invented and is in the top five of favorite sodas consumed.  With so much high fructose corn syrup and trans fats it is paramount to remember that a well-balanced diet of proteins, fruits, and vegetables is the only way to promote proper weight loss.  While it is not recommended to feast upon unhealthy foods on a regular basis it is acceptable to indulge yourself occasionally, the key is moderation.


The vast majority of the Mississippi landscape is lush green and hilly, perfect for biking with a partner or training with a personal instructor.  No matter which type of exercise you engage in it is consequential to take into account that there is no substitute for nutritious eating habits and staying active on a regular basis.