Personal Training for Women in a Private Studio in Lutz, FL - Wesley Chapel, FL - Land O Lakes, FL

Samantha Taylor - 813-909-4939

Lutz, Florida 33559

Trains only women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Sculpting
  • women

Training Locations

  • studio


  • Certified Personal Trainer through ASFA

Personal Trainer Overview

We train women who want to sculpt and shape their body by training and learning a healthy way to eat. We have a private studio that is a comfortable environment for women to workout and get fit. Its not like a normal gym and our female clients love it!

Training Philosophy

We train people to get the best results in 30 minute sessions so they can enjoy the workouts but not be too bogged down with too much time in the gym. Its all about learning how to eat healthier as a lifestyle instead of following some strict diet you can't live with.


I have been certified personal trainer through IFPA. I have been certified for 14 years and have trained close to 1000 women. I was a pre-med student for a few years where I learned a lot about how the body functions. I have read hundreds of books on health and fitness, I have written two books. I have a lot of education with the "School of Hard Knocks!" from my own challenges and have successfully helped thousands have success from learning from my struggles.


My name is Samantha Taylor and I am a certified personal trainer in Lutz Florida who has 18 year’s experience. I used to be a food addict and compulsive eater who had NO control over what I ate. Now I am free from that problem and show women how to have balance too! I have trained close to 1000 women. I was the number one producing personal trainer in a large corporate gym out of 2000 trainers. Five years ago I opened my own facility. I have 3 trainers and its a private studio, personal training only. 1on1 and groups. I used to have a food addiction and binging problem but overcome it 7 years ago and use that same knowledge to help others now.