Baby Boomers Workout Too

Roz Davis - 512-589-7833

Round Rock, Texas 78664

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Aerobics
  • Chair Movement, Core

Training Locations

  • home
  • work
  • studio
  • outdoor


  • PFTA-CPT NASM-CPT Studying for NASM - CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and Master Trainer

Personal Trainer Overview

I specialize in training Baby Boomers, Couch Potatoes and those with Chronic Illnesses

Training Philosophy

Its Not About Being Skinny Its About Being Healthy


Computer Science Degree


Roz Mays Davis, Round Rock, Tx 512-589-7833 email: My name is Roz Mays Davis, born in the hot summer of 1956. I’m a fun and energetic baby boomer with 6 children and 5 grand-children. I enjoy the love and support of my last husband Ralph Davis. I’m an original Austinite and a part of the last freshmen class of Old Anderson High school in East Austin. My heritage is rooted in Round Rock on Mays Street where my ancestors raised families, had businesses, owned land and loved life as far back as the 1800s. After graduating with honors from ACC earning associates in computer science, I was inducted in Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges. The last 25 years I have been employed with the State of Texas in Information and Technology in many roles: senior computer programmer, technical lead analyst, systems designs, project manager, and quality testing coordinator. Yes, SUPER GEEK!!! GREAT….but my best self has come in the last 5 years as one of the leaders of a ground breaking wellness program for the State. As a challenge organizer, tech support, vendor coordinator for health fairs, key wellness contact…. I’ve had an opportunity to encourage employees to get and stay healthy. I am also a key contact for vendors and organizer of community and church health and wellness fairs. My strength: 35 years of powerful daily struggle against fibromyalgia (FMS). This autoimmune disorder affects fibro tissues connecting muscles and is debilitating, crippling, emotionally and physically. FMS symptoms: pain all over the body, extreme fatigue which cannot be relieved by rest, affects metabolism and weight loss, great discomfort from hugs, or clothing, and for me extreme chest/breast bone pain (feels like heart pain). FMS puts you DOWN….…well until it met me WITH my God! The pain and despair was so devastating I began to pray for help. Answer: change your mind about nutrition, drink water, get intense workouts with NO impact, and share this with others. Now I am a conqueror of fibromyalgia. To be affective I needed to learn about the body, hydration, nutrition, workouts and how to encourage and challenge people to be their best self. Of course I had specific interests in training folks just like me. Learning how we can obtain the same benefits of workouts without the discouragement of pain. The personal training school I attended was real and challenging in instruction, testing and training. I finished and am now a certified personal trainer. I continue to study for other advanced certifications to keep rozKz fresh. Come experience the dynamics of rozKz where the workouts are INTENSE with NO IMPACT and YOU are your only competition. My clients are encouraged to succeed in living well while enjoying abundant health. This adventure is designed for baby boomers, seniors; those with arthritis, joint pain, auto immune disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, the under-exercised, and the discouraged. Know your numbers! Not your weight or BMI! But cholesterol, blood pressure, body fat percentage, waist size, neck size, amount of water consumed, sugar/glucose, and others. The rozKz experience focuses on being HEALTHY not skinny and we are having amazing results. At rozKz you are never too old, too ill, or too weak to make a timely change in your life. PROCLAMATION: This is a faith based experience but I will never pressure you with my faith. You should be aware that the foundation of each session and direction of rozKz are led by God. We will always open and close with prayer. Principles and concepts, workouts and challenges, all come from He who created this vessel we call “body”.