Chicago Personal Trainer

Paul Roberts -

Chicago, Illinois 60614

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss

Training Locations

  • home
  • work
  • studio
  • outdoor


  • National Association of Sports Medicine – certified; continued education courses through NASM P90x Certified /P90x Pro Team

Personal Trainer Overview

My training philosophy is based on muscle confusion (variety of several different types). It also entails establishing goals. I am a high energy person; and therefore, I will bring energy to the training process to make sure you achieve your goals. I will also bring dedication and knowledge. Finally, I will help to achieve superior execution to help you achieve your goals.

Training Philosophy

1. Resistance training; 2. Balance training; 3. Integrated speed, agility, quickness training; 4. Core; 5. Neuro – muscular stretching; 6. Reactive training.


B.A. Columbia College


In my youth, I played any sport I could get involved in. This led to a high school career in football, track, and basketball, loving all, excelling in none. After suffering a torn meniscus and ACL during my senior year, I went ACL deficient. In order to participate in sports, I had to strap on a huge brace when I played pickup basketball and Chicago Social Flag football and volleyball. At 29, I had my knee reconstructed, during which I found myself enjoying the learning process of rehabilitation and the science behind it. Soon after, I started weight training and running on a regular basis, making training a big part of my life. I read numerous books and magazine articles to enhance my training program. By my mid 30’s, I was getting a little too old and did not wanting to risk injury and retired from flag football and basketball. I upped the ante and started competing in 5k, 10k, and half-full marathons. I was training 10 to 20 hours week and in 2005 I bought P90x and became obsessed with this training format of muscle confusion. I also started helping friends and family with their training, plus coaching youth sports. During this process, I found a true passion, so in 2007; I became certified as a personal trainer and have never looked back.