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Mike Luque - (415) 580-2560

Oakland, California 94610

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation

Training Locations

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  • Level I Trainer - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 1999 • GYROTONER - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2000 • Jumping Stretching Board - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2000 • Level II Trainer - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2000 • GYROTONIC Ladder - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2001 • Leg Extension Unit - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2001 • GYROKINESIS - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2000 • GYROTONIC Archway - GYROTONIC Intl Headquarters 2008 • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) 2004 • Integrated Flexibility Specialist - NASM 2005 • Performance Enhancement Specialist - NASM 2005 • Level I Kettlebell Instructor - Kettlebell Concepts

Personal Trainer Overview

GYROTONIC Training uses specialized equipment to move your body through all possible ranges of motion with resistance. You'll gain flexibility, core strength, muscular strength, your breathing will improve and your posture will become excellent. Learn more at my website.

Training Philosophy

The purpose of working out is not to get better at working out. It's to get better at leading your life outside the gym. The method of training is only the tool which allows you to learn about your body, to strengthen your body. But the purpose isn't to get good at working out, its to get good at life.



While working in the computer field in 1997, I realized I really hated office work! I decided to change careers into something body oriented. I wound up getting a gift certificate for a shiatsu massage and immediately after the session decided I would become a massage therapist. I became certified as a massage therapist in 1998. One of my very first clients was a GYROTONIC instructor and introduced me to the system. After just 5 sessions, I was sold. I embarked on a 16 month long training to become certified in all aspects of GYROTONIC. In 2004, I increased my skill set by becoming an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I'm also a certified kettlebell instructor and really like the total body power and strength they help create. I focus on functional training, making your body work better in the real world, not just improving "mirror muscles". If you can't do what you like to do outside the gym, I'm not doing my job inside the gym.