Personal Trainers in Trenton, New Jersey

Personal Trainers in Trenton, New Jersey

Personal Trainer Joseph S

Personal Training

Joseph S

Trenton, New Jersey 08610


  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Aerobics
  • Spin
  • Kick Boxing
  • Body Sculpting

Joseph Stegmaier, CPT Project Cycle True Physical Fitness & Personal Training My name is Joseph Stegmaier, I have been involved in the fitness industry for years. As a Martial Arts instructor who has trained with Olympic coaches, a Cyclists who has rode over 10k miles annually, and a Life Coach who is dedicated to seeing my students maintain their motivation and achieving their health and wellness goals; I can honestly say from experience that I know what it means to go after your ambitions and I want to help bring into focus YOUR fitness goals, and see you achieve them every step of the way. As your Personal Trainer I want you to feel like your a real person, who has their own needs and goals to be met, not just a client. From day one, I base my programs off of results, the kind of results you can see and feel, not hype. I currently offer a variety of programs and packages that are highly customizable, affordable and can be adapted to meet almost any training and fitness needs, as well as highly specialized programs for individuals in search of specific training adaptations.

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