Personal Trainers in Bettendorf, Iowa

Personal Trainers in Bettendorf, Iowa

Personal Trainer Ray Porter

Personal Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Fitness Boot Camps

Ray Porter

Bettendorf, Iowa 52722


  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Martial Arts, Self Defense

Workout With Ray is about helping people achieve the body of their dreams while gaining more energy, living longer, and feeling better about themselves--and having fun during the process! We love teaching our clients about exercise, diet, and making the changes needed to live a happy and healthy life. As a Workout With Ray client, you will have a program designed just for you. What may work for your best friend, co-worker, or family member may not work for you at all. We'll teach you every aspect of your personalized program. We'll work together to create the changes needed in your life. Along the way, we'll routinely stop to evaluate your progress and adjust your plan to ensure you are reaching your goals. Our training plans aren't just about exercise. Most of us have never been taught the "proper" way to eat. And if you don't eat right, you aren't going to lose weight and keep off the pounds. Your personalized program will include training on the right way to eat and meal plans customized to meet your goals

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