Personal Trainers in Grand Junction, Colorado

Personal Trainers in Grand Junction, Colorado

Personal Trainer Everett Ketelhut


Everett Ketelhut

Grand Junction, Colorado 81501


  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Training, Athletic Con

What is Metabolic Bodybuilding? Simply, it's basic science-based programming. I like to call it "Combo" training where you are combining different training modalities into one workout to create the perfect storm for anabolism (muscle growth) and fat loss while improving the functionality and health of the body in the process. The uniqueness of Metabolic Bodybuilding is that you will very rarely if ever use a "machine" again besides the "human machine". Equipment used includes all types of free weight from barbells, EZ bars, dumbbells, kettlebells and also bodyweight exercises including dynamic tension and static contraction movements. The foundation of Metabolic Bodybuilding comes from "pounding the compounds" which means hitting the compound movements hard and frequently within the workouts which are scientifically proven to cause the greatest release of human growth hormone (HGH) and testoserone in the body. From there you add in the isolation exercises to build the "aesthetic" look. The perfect storm will allow you to optimize your body's genetic potential for muscle growth by giving it the stimulus to do so only 3 times a week, along with proper rest and a Metabolic Lifestyle nutrition plan emphasizing serving sizes vs numbers you will turn your body into a machine! This allows your training to fit into your life, not trying to fit your life into your training which causes people to burn out, get injured, and/or quit! My goal as a fitness coach is to make YOU your own best coach! Currently, I have clients in the United States, Canada, and Australia offering Individualized Metabolic Training and Nutrition Programs, Worldwide Telephonic and Online Coaching, and One-on-One or Group On-The-Road Training Call or Text: (989) 751-1850 Email: Facebook: Search "Metabolic Bodybuilding"

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