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Personal Trainer Shawn or Laura  Boisacq

Personal Trainers, Dietary Manager, & National Bodybuilding Competitors

Shawn or Laura Boisacq

Anchorage, Alaska 99507


  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Sculpting
  • Pre/Post Natal

We offer personalized fitness instruction, nutrition counseling, posing instruction, pre/post natal fitness & nutrition counseling, and body composition testing.

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Alaska is the most eastern, western, and northern point in all of the United States. Commonly referred to as the Last Frontier, Alaska is one of the only states in the U.S. where one can see glaciers one minute and go bear watching the next. Because of the extreme climate change here there are a lot of personal training facilities that require an indoor premises, but during the summer months offer an abundance of outdoor activities. During these summer months one can expect anywhere from 18 to 24 hours of sunlight in the state of Alaska. Finding a personal trainer and creating an exercise program may help regulate your body to the effects of longer days and help maintain a healthy pattern for your body.

Whether you prefer the solitude of running along the Yukon River or hiking one of the many trails throughout Alaska’s national parks with a companion, you will be sure to burn excess calories and promote an exciting and healthy way to lose weight. For those who are more adventurous, attaining the assistance of a personal trainer may greatly benefit you if you are looking to climb Mt. McKinley, which is the highest peak in the United States. If the outdoors are a bit overwhelming there are numerous indoor fitness training facilities that can accommodate whatever needs you may require.

While Alaska’s agriculture may not be as plentiful as other states, it definitely makes up for it in an abundance of fresh seafood which is caught by local fisherman everyday to help ignite a rewarding eating regimen that will be sure to help you lose weight. No matter what your fitness goals may be, you can always seek the support of a fitness trainer to discuss your options and figure out what course of action is best suited for your prerequisites.

With approximately 365 million acres, Alaska has some of the most naturally diverse physical training and exercise courses anywhere in the world. It is important to remember that while Alaska’s diverse conditions make it one of the most astounding places in the world, it is important to enlist the aid of a personal trainer or fitness training facility to ensure you get the most comprehensive conditioning assessment and don’t inadvertently get left out in the cold.