Certified Personal Trainer

Steven Catalon -

Loma Linda, California 92354

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Body Sculpting

Training Locations

  • gym


  • Certified Personal Trainer Strength and Conditioning Specialist (in Progress)

Personal Trainer Overview

I am a fitness trainer who works in a Physical Therapy Clinic. We work together to make sure that clients get the most out of their training. We make sure all clients get evaluated to make sure that i can focus on getting the clients in shape while focusing on strengthening their weaknesses.

Training Philosophy

I believe in training clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. No wasted time or movement. I believe training should be fun while also being intense and hard work. I pay attention to detail, every little movement matters when it comes to fitness. I incorporate functional, compound movements that mimic everyday activities to ensure independence and increase overall strength. My goal is for clients to improve in the 10 key physical fitness areas: * Cardiovascular Endurance *Stamina *Strength *Flexibility *Power *Speed *Coordination *Agility *Balance *Accuracy


I have my B.S. in Exercise Science


I played sports all my life, and wanted to continue my life in sports with a career in fitness. I strongly believe in the need for physical activity to maintain a healthy life