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Westminster, Colorado 80031

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition Coaching

Training Locations

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  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Personal Trainer Overview

Training programs are centered around compound movements such as squats, the deadlift, bench press, etc. This style of working out is great for strength gains, building muscle, and/or losing fat. Programs focus on progressive overload and periodization. Exercise selection will be based on a client's body structure and mobility.

Training Philosophy

There is far too much misinformation out there on training and nutrition. It drives me crazy! You deserve to know how to properly take care of your health. I want to help you learn what works best for you. That's why I started training/coaching people - to help you become the best version of you. Compound movements with barbells and dumbbells are my specialty. If you're looking to build strength, gain muscle, or lose fat, you can get some seriously awesome results using lifts like the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc. Because everyone is different, I take time getting to know my clients so they receive training that fits their body structure, mobility, and fitness goals. There is no one size fits all program. Everybody gets something a little different.


Tons of books and instruction videos. Talking and learning from those bigger and stronger than me. The certification classes I took.


I love fitness. I love training. ​Discussing exercise and nutrition with people never gets old. Back in 2008 something special happened with me. I finally became consistent with working out. As a teenager and through my early 20s I was very off and on with working out. I would train for a few months and then do nothing for a few months. Every time ​I started exercising again I was back at the start. Sound familiar? I believe there's a very good chance I used to be where you are now. Perhaps you find it hard to stay consistent with working out? Do you have trouble building strength and/or muscle? Are you struggling with excess fat and it's driving you nuts?! When you read/hear "fitness experts" contradicting one another, claiming they have "THE ANSWER!" does it confuse you to no end?!?! I've gone from being a skinny 150 lbs up to a fat 225 lbs I've made a lot of mistakes in learning how to train over the years. I followed a lot of "advice" and found out a lot of that stuff doesn't work for me, or most people in general. Learning what works for you does not have to be complicated! When you and I work together, you will be able to save yourself years of trial and error and get on a much faster track to reaching ​your health and fitness goals.