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Cleveland, Tennessee 37312

Trains only women.

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Fast Paced 30 min workouts. Double your results in Half the time. I call it my DXR system

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Dear Friend, Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I became a trainer. I am 26, I have three beautiful kids all 5 and under. At one point was nearly 190 lbs, I was tired, I had no energy, I was depressed and felt very insecure about who I had become. I looked like I didn't respect myself at all... like all I did was sit around and eat junk food... like I didn't care one bit about my health or the way I looked... but I DID care... That night when I got home I plopped down on my couch and practically had a breakdown... and out of sheer emotional pain I decided I'd finally had it... I swore to myself "I am going to lose this fat once and for all!" I Was So Desperate I Tried Everything.. I dragged myself into the gym and worked out... I pushed, I pulled, and I even grunted a few times. And after all that work - NO RESULTS... I tried all kinds of fat loss pills that we're supposed to speed up my metabolism and suppress my appetite... but all they did was make me nervous and cranky. I tried low-carb diets but they made me crave sweets so bad I would go on sugar binges literally for hours... the guilt was overbearing. the low carbohydrate diets also made me even more tired and actually made me sick. I tried liquid diets but they made me so hungry I became mean and malnourished I tried it ALL and NONE of it worked for me. I KNEW there had to be something more to it, something I was missing, something I was doing wrong and I was determined to find out what it was... So what did I do next? I literally spent HUNDREDS of hours studying the Ins and Outs of how it all works. I devoured every useful piece of information I could get my hands on. I studied and applied things that worked and others that didn't. Night after night I stayed up until sunrise trying to figure out the perfect fat loss program. I discovered is there was so much MISINFORMATION out there that finding the TRUTH became like looking for a needle in a haystack... And what I found shocked me... You Can read the rest on my website @