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Gary Martinez - (719)-287-4696

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • core, balance, endurance

Training Locations

  • home
  • outdoor
  • Your Location


  • NETA Club EFIT Master Trainer NETA KFIT USA Kettle Bell Fitness

Personal Trainer Overview

If you need a health partner who will support you, improve your everyday performance and lead you in the right direction to healthy habits to be the best you have always wanted to be then Mobile Fitness Systems is the right choice for you. We guarantee results as we are so confident in what we do.

Training Philosophy

We guarantee results as we are so confident in what we do. Personal training is only a true winner when the client combines excellent consistent attendance, the right healthy food plan to plug into a healthy lifestyle change and we carry those services in our fitness division so you can enjoy the journey of your life.


Associates of Occupational Science Personal Fitness Trainer


Hi I'm Gary, I love to help people who are short on time get the bounce back in their step by doing fun & safe activities saving time with Mobile Fitness Systems to increase energy to enjoy a grateful life. My fitness journey began in Middle School where the interest of weightlifting began in our garage with a sand weight set & educating myself through Muscle & Fitness, Flex magazines. Later in High School joined a gym to upgrade, implement into sports. After high school, training for a power lifting competition a low back/joint injury occurred and heavy lifting was taken out of the picture. Now being a active parent & choosing to keep up with them a new outlook of healthy activity is in place. Following a functional system to mimic daily activities is done with equipment to train safe, have fun and most of all enjoy life and share my craft with others to feel better and be the best you!