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Okemos, Michigan 48864

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
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Personal Trainer Overview

my methods and techniques depend on my clients and their goals. my strengths in personal training are bodybuilding, fat burning, toning, building muscle, and putting on mass. I'm different from the other clients because i don't train all clients the same. even Mr. Olympia had to start somewhere.

Training Philosophy

my beliefs about health is that your only as healthy as the stuff you put in your body. you only get one body treat it right. my methods are bodybuilding, weight training, cardio, nutrition, and diets. what motivates me is that i trained myself with only what i new and i turned my life around. with the knowledge and determination i have i can help any one turn their life around and make a difference


high school diploma, attending Olivet college going to be a senior. studying fitness management and exercise science


i was 14 in 8th grade i weighed 275 with barely any muscle mass, i was extremly out of shape. i was picked on a lot and was made fun of a lot. i played football but wasnt really good so one day i was just fed up with everything, i have had enough. i asked my parents for a weight set for christmas, when i got it i did my first workout even though i had no idea what i was doing but the day after i was so sore but i loved it. from there on out i became obsessed, as the years went by i was getting stronger and losing weight along with getting muscles and the reactions i would get from people at school was amazing. i became a lot better at football and other sports. near the end of my junior year of high school i began training some of my friends because i finally knew what i was doing and in months they were seeing changes as well, at that point i know what i wanted to do with my life. i wanted to be a personal trainer and change peoples lives around. i went from a kid that didn't know anything about training to the kid that set high school records and changed his life around. it took me longer to do that because i did it all on my own but with the knowledge i have now i can now help change anyone life around.