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Chris orgill - 801-946-1669

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
  • Body Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Kick Boxing
  • Body Sculpting
  • assisted stretching

Training Locations

  • home
  • work
  • gym
  • studio
  • outdoor
  • in house for the first month.


  • ISSA certification

Personal Trainer Overview

I train at 3300 south 910 east slc Utah in sugar house. Also do In home where I will travel to your home and train you in the privacy of your own home. Exercise specialty You get A personalized for your pacific goal ……… on one personal training, with your own personal trainer……..Dietary plans……….. Fitness assessment………assisted stretching………a challenge program that challenges you physically………personalize service…………….In home personal training…………..Each session includes corrective exercise…………resistance training………….Aerobic…………….Strength and flexibility…………nutrition……Professional…..assistant…..Monthly contracts that sets how many session the client want in a week. Price range 30 minute session $15.00 60 minute session $30.00 weekly payment every first session at the beginning of the week. My personal training components. I use fitness assessments warm ups, core workout, balance, core respirator training, flexibility, reactive speed and agility, speed, strength, endurance, and balance to help achieve your fitness goals.

Training Philosophy

is built upon 3 major principles enjoyment, variance, and challenge. Each individual has different tastes when it comes to enjoyment in fitness activities. So find it and have a blast. Find several of them and you can vary your workouts which keeps your body and mind out of rut. But always remember to challenge yourself by running that extra lap or completing that additional repetition. It's those moments when we all stand to gain the most. my emphasis is on “personal.” I make a commitment to provide a service that focuses on the individual and his/her needs. I design programs for novice exercisers, older adults, sport-specific training, cardiac rehab, and nutrition and weight management/loss. Together, we develop a program that addresses goals that can be adapted as progress is made. My teaching is designed to follow the intelligence of the individual body and engage it to move efficiently, healthfully, and functionally. I design lessons to meet the demands of each client. The desired outcome being: a working knowledge of the fundamental tenets of good alignment and posture, a better understanding of body mechanics, a visceral experience of correct breathing techniques, and increased mobility of spinal movement, and fluid control of balance. I make Exercise that will enhance every aspect of physical and mental well being. I strive to encourage, support, and challenge my clients to feel strong, confident and to find fitness programs they truly enjoy.


8 years of exercise science. at Salt lake community college and the university of utah, ISSA certification, ACE prep, NASM prep, studying diffrent personal trainer techniques from. bob harper toney horton


Hi this is Chris I am a positive person. I have my mind set on you the individual. My number one priority is you, your safety, goal, and results, my last priority is money. Don't let money get in the way to achieve your fitness goals. If these prices do not work for you let me know I we will sit down and see what you can afford. I am a personal trainer that is certified with ISSA. I am over 6 years experience of personal training. I have over 4 years of education in personal training. Ever client that I ever had like the programs I design for them. Salt lake Personal Trainer Chris invites you to change your life in 2010. No more excuses! Come in for a evaluation, and get your health right, or get the motivation you need to get your body ready for the summer. Affordable, Effective 1 on 1 Personal Training for you. Shape Health and Fitness and Shape Female Fitness has been helping people in the salt lake city area lose body fat and get in the best shape of their lives. Using a proven three point program people are literally losing weight fast and keeping it off. If you're tired of being tired. Tired of not getting the results you desire and want to make 2010 a new beginning then come to Chris overall personal training for your Fitness. The time is now email Chris today! at