"When the student is ready, the master appears."

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Trains both men and women.

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  • Strength Building
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  • Kick Boxing
  • Body Sculpting
  • Boxing

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  • Certified by the government of Thailand to Instruct Muay Thai Amateur MMA licence Undefeated MMA record

Personal Trainer Overview

There is an old saying that goes: "When the student is ready, the master appears." There is an ancient force inside you that has led you to me; there is a void in yourself that you want to fill. A voice whispers to you, beckoning you to place your foot upon the field of battle. There is an ancient force, a warrior spirit, that begs to be fed and refuses to be ignored. This voice has led you unto me, and it begs you to take my hand. It whispers to me as well, it pleads with me to take the hand of a ready student and to lead her down the path of the warrior. As we walk the path together, we will study the art of war at its most basic level: the mastery of hand to hand combat. In cultivating the warrior spirit inside you we will visit the four animal styles of American Kung Fu: bear style, tiger style, crane style, and viper style. The warrior that exists in you is unique to all other warrior spirits. Together, we will summon your warrior spirit, identify your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and discover which animal style is the most similar to your warrior spirit and we will use that animal style as the base of your own personal style. The path of the warrior is not easy. First, you must experience the spirit of the cricket. Your body will become tired and you will consider surrender many times over just as the cricket lives and dies throughout the seasons of war. You must do as I do, as the cricket follows the swarm of locust. As you feed and gain strength with within the safety of the swarm, your body will survive the seasons. As your body learns to survive the chills of a war's winter, you will learn to prey on the warrior spirits of others. You will then learn to be fierce like the tiger and you will begin to master the take-down of your quarry. Simultaneously, you must learn grace, beauty, and accuracy like the crane. As the wisdom of your warrior spirit grows, you will begin to learn the cunning and trickery of the snake. But perhaps most importantly, you must learn the patience and persistence of the polar bear. As the polar bear waits patiently over breaks in the ice for hours upon end in the blistering cold for a chance to snatch a surfacing seal in search for a breath of air, you must wait and you must be persistent in order to feed your warrior spirit with the spoils of war.

Training Philosophy

"You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup." -Bruce Lee The warrior spirit inside you is unique to all other warrior spirits. In order to help you achieve your full potential in battle, it is essential that we discover your strongest base animal style and proceed to exaggerate your greatest strengths and teach you to defend your weaknesses. In order to achieve this, as a master, it is my goal for your training to be as fluid as the waters that fall from the Kii mountains and as consistent as the the rise and fall of the sun.


Muay Thai Master Boxing Expert Fluent in Jiu Jitsu


For many years of my life, I was lost. I yearned for something I didn't have but I could not define the thing that my soul was searching for. I followed a path of darkness and associated with the likes of thieves and wenches in search of something to satisfy my hunger for a better life in all the wrong places. When one walks the path of darkness, betrayal and heartache are as common as a steppingstone unearthed on a path beaten by the footfalls of a thousand men. Thieves and the like are no strangers to battle, as I was no stranger. Always when facing off against men of no moral standard, I felt an obligation to fight with honor. My opponents never shared my integrity and one night, my stubbornness literally almost cost me my life. Shortly after that night, fuel by anger and the thirst for revenge, I sought the guidance of a true warrior, one who crafted his ability with diligence and hard work, so that I could bring his skills back to the street urchins who nearly took my life and bring them a cold serving of justice with a side of righteousness and honor. I poured my soul into the craft. I stayed at the gym for an average of 5 hours for over a year. My skill level shot ahead of all my peers, many had been training there for years, and one by one, I began to consistently defeat each of the other students until my only worthy opponents were the masters who trained me. I had long since surpassed the ability of any single street urchin but I pressed forward as the memory of a gang of thugs swarming around me still resonated in my mind. I refused to be defeated again and I pressed towards a skill level that would enable me to defeat multiple opponents in a single sitting. Such goals are very far-fetched from any single human being. Still, I continued to train. As I pressed forward, I started to become enlightened as to what it meant to be a true warrior. I began to realize contradictory nature of the image most under-worldly men use to guise their true selves. They attempt to coerce respect from upstanding members of society through the threat of violence. Together, they are threatening because there is no honor among thieves, they place no value on the fairness of a fight between one man and another man by himself. Alone, any street urchin is merely a cowardly dog and is quick to fold without the safety of a pack of wolves behind him. They force respect because they are unable to earn it by any other means; a street urchin is not worth the time of a true warrior. Following my epiphany my focus shifted from the pack of dogs to men of valor. I crafted my ability to enable me to face other warriors in the ring and I fought like an ancient gladiator before crowds of cheering onlookers. It empowered me. All aspects of my life started to flower, forming a newer more beautiful reality. I started making more money, achieving greater respect, and I won the heart of a beautiful woman that satisfied the once abysmal void so fully and thoroughly. The path of the warrior had led me to the most beautiful happiness I had ever known in my entire life. Today I am complete, and my only regret in my life is not having followed the path of honor and valor sooner. I am a firm believer in the wisdom and discipline that martial arts has to offer. Perhaps the only thing that could make my life more complete is to pass my wisdom onto a ready and worthy student and fill his/her life with all the satisfaction that martial arts has provided me with. If there is a shroud of darkness that strains the light of happiness from illuminating your life, please lend me your hand. I will guide you the way I yearned to be guided for many years.