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 With so many national parks and monuments, it is not difficult to ascertain why Wyoming is in the forefront of physical fitness enthusiasts from all over the globe.  The epic scenery in the state of Wyoming is such that it is as though someone has taken a picture of the Grand Tetons snow capped mountains and reproduced it upside down on a crystal clear lake so that you cannot even discern the imaginary line where one stops and the other beings. A Wyoming personal trainer can make a big difference in weight loss results and muscle building !


During the summer months the balmy weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking, running, and whitewater rafting.  No matter what type of fitness training you partake in, you are certain to lose weight and shape up if you remain consistent and subscribe to a health eating regimen.  


Yellowstone was the first national park dedicated in 1872.  It has captured the attention of spectators and scientists from all over the world with it’s natural geysers including Old Faithful.  It has also been the backdrop of several movies, and the location of thousands of pictorial compositions.  Wether you hike through the acres of wilderness in a group, jog along one of the many trails with a companion, or cross train with a fitness instructor through the forests, you are bound to stimulate your endorphins and kick your workout into high gear.


Rock climbing is another type of physical activity that will push your body to become almost as solid as the structures you scale.  Situated in the northeastern section of Wyoming, Devil’s Tower is one of the most alluring spots to rock climb in the country.  Standing over 1,200 feet high, this monument is not for the faint of heart and requires experienced climbers and personal instructors to navigate this formation. Once at the top you will see panoramic views of the terrain, including the Black Hills, that will make all of your hard work and efforts worth it.


In the winter there are several indoor exercise facilities that will accommodate your personal fitness goals.  Wether you prefer the vastness and amenities of a larger establishment such as the Wyoming Athletic Club which also offers tanning and a spa, or a more intimate facility like Iron Works Gym which keeps a nutritional specialist on staff, you will undoubtedly find a personal trainer that will accompany you on your fitness journey.  No matter which direction you chose in your quest for physical perfection, it is important to remember that with the aid of a personal instructor you will always have someone there to help make you accountable for your fitness actions.