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Gym CrossFit New Life

CrossFit New Life

CrossFit Gym

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107


  • Free Weights
  • Kettle Bells, Bosu Balls, Bands
  • Rowing Machines
  • Ropes
  • Medicine Balls


  • Bathroom
  • Lounge


  • Cross Fit
  • Yoga
  • Zumba


West Jordan, Utah 84088




Utah Personal Trainers

Would you even fathom building your dream home if you didn’t have the proper tools or knowledge to build it? Of course not, you would hire a team of professionals to build the house of your dreams.

If the carpenter showed up without his toolbox and the architect learned their drafting skills in grade school art class your dream home would be something that Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf wouldn’t even waste his breath on.

A Utah personal trainer is an expert when it comes to health and fitness; they have a toolbox full of knowledge that would knock the socks off of Albert Einstein. Allowing your Utah personal trainer the opportunity to help you build your perfect body and perfect health is the blueprint of success.

You will learn how to maintain your mental and physical health and you will have a new clarity about life and new confidence about the new you! Personal trainers in American Fork like to use nature as the gym for fitness training and exercise. Disk golf has a multitude of health benefits. A game of disk golf with your American Fork personal trainer will provide you with both physical and mental fitness benefits. Disk golf provides total body conditioning along with aerobic exercise. You will also increase your concentration and balance skills trying to navigate obstacles while focusing on making the shot.

A unique exercise that will break up your fitness routine and allow you to take in the fresh air and sunshine that South Jordan has to offer is Frisbee. This is a great way to achieve fitness and burn extra calories to lose weight. Did you ever in your wildest dreams even think about your dog being a fitness buddy? Playing a game of Frisbee with your dog will help keep you motivated and on track when you are maintaining your fitness goals on your own. Dogs love to play Frisbee and will reward you with lots of love and support to keep you focused on your health goals.

Midvale personal trainers have many choices of training for their clients. They will compose a fitness program for you that will use a combination of strength training, yoga and aerobic exercise. The combination of training depends on your fitness goals and health concerns.

Working with a Salt Lake City personal trainer will keep you on a regular workout regimen and implement healthy diet and lifestyle changes. This will improve your muscle tone; give you healthy skin, hair and nails. These are all general appearance markers of good health, and when you start to notice the changes on the outside of your body you can finally begin to realize what wonderful health changes are taking place on the inside of your body.

Your choice to ask a Utah personal trainer to accompany you on your new journey is very courageous. Calling your personal trainer today will lay the foundation for the construction of your dream body.