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We all want to lose a couple inches and extra pounds.  We know that we need to eat healthier and exercise to accomplish our weight loss and nutrition goals.  Unfortunately our perfect healthy body is not going to show up knocking on our front door and say “Hello, I am your new healthy perfect body and I am here so you don’t have to exercise and eat healthy.” 

We have to actually execute the plan and incorporate the actions of healthy habits into our everyday lives.  Easier said than done, breaking those old habits takes time and a lot of vigilance.  It’s too easy to get frustrated, tired and give up.

 You should be commended!  You know that by setting yourself up with a Missouri personal fitness trainer, you will get the encouragement and support you need to kick those old habits and begin achieving success on your weight loss and fitness goals.

A Missouri personal trainer will use a combination of the many assorted types of exercises and will coach you along the way, giving you the tools you need to succeed.  You can choose from weight training, strength training.  Maybe you want to focus on cardio and aerobic workout or yoga and Pilates.

Springfield personal trainers have a bottomless bucket of fitness opportunities.  Springfield, Missouri is the gateway to the Ozarks, and has numerous parks, lakes and fitness trials.  You and your personal trainer may head to one of the many park trails where you may go biking or jogging to get the ultimate cardio workout.  After your biking or jogging workout, a swim in one of the many Springfield lakes is a great cool down after your cardio workout, but also is great for strength training as well.

Personal trainers in Jefferson City can offer some alternative choices to the normal workout routine.   Your trainer may want to add some pizzazz to your workout and take you on an ice skating workout.  Ice skating is a great way to improve your balance while you are burning off calories and toning your muscles.

Tennis anyone?  Have some fun while getting in shape.  Playing a game of tennis with your personal trainer is an enjoyable way to improve balance, mobility, agility, strength and fitness.  Along with burning those calories, you will also benefit in a reduction of blood pressure and reduce stress.  So get your game on with your personal trainer for a stronger mind and body!

Reaching out to a personal trainer to help you with these health and fitness lifestyle changes is a courageous decision.   You have the momentum, keep it going and contact a personal trainer today.  They know that you are ready to change and they are waiting for your call.  Keep moving forward, pick up the phone and call your personal trainer right now!