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Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, and you have come up with 10,000 excuses not to exercise.  You are not alone, but what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd is that you know that the faster you stop making excuses, the closer you’ll be to living a healthier, active and rewarding life.  Your choice to summons the help of a personal trainer is a humble decision.  You and your personal trainer will become a team, and you will practice new healthy lifestyle changes.  Practice makes perfect, and with a personal trainer on your team your chances at winning the excuse game will increase your success and the outcome will be the reward that your body has been craving.  

Minneapolis is a great setting for getting started on your fitness plan.  A Minneapolis personal trainer will ask you to grab your jogging shoes for a walk or a jog around one of the many fitness trails that line the chain of lakes.  Jogging is a great cardio exercise that will burn those calories quickly and jump starts your metabolism.   This aerobic exercise also burns off stress hormones.  Your body will feel energized and rejuvenated when it starts burning off the tension induced chemicals that linger in our bodies.  On your next appointment, your personal trainer may invite you to grab your roller blades for an exciting rush through the byways of the Grand Rounds, where you may stop for some stretching or meditation along the banks of the downtown riverfront or the Mississippi River.  Stretching is great for increasing your range of motion, balance and flexibility.  Stretching is a great combination workout with strength training.  

Lakeville is another city for personal trainers to implement the perfect fitness program for you.  Lakeville is only minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, and offers many recreational opportunities for its health conscience residents.  Your personal fitness trainer may incorporate a morning of swimming in one of the many lakes, or an afternoon of mountain biking, horseback riding or hiking.  These exercises have endless benefits, and the results are undeniable.  The healthy changes you have made will start to show.  You will look good, and you feel good.  You will have more energy and improved concentration.  You will notice that with a personal trainer’s guidance you will not only benefit from weight loss, but you will learn how to maintain your health and fitness plan on your own.

The North Star State has a new star in town.  You are a superstar for having the courage to ask for help beginning your new life journey.  The hardest part of this new journey is over the second you pick up the phone and make the consultation appointment with your personal trainer.

Go ahead and take that first step, you will see later that this first step will actually be your leap of faith!