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Be Envied Personal Training

Personal Trainer/Owner

Shawnee, Kansas 66216


  • Elliptical Trainers
  • Free Weights
  • Kettle Bells, Bosu Balls, Bands
  • Multi-Station Cable/Pulley Train
  • Stepmills/Stair Steppers


  • Fitness Assessments
  • Locker Rooms
  • Towel Service




Personal fitness has always been an important component in a healthy lifestyle for many Americas, including those that reside in Kansas. A Kansas personal trainer can get you into great shape !  For generations the people of Kansas have enjoyed a surplus of astounding sights and stimulating outdoor activities that this state has to offer.  Known more for its flat surfaces than hilly areas or mountain ranges, Kansas is one of last great wide open spaces in our country.


If you’re more of an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fitness training in the best that nature has to offer, then you may way want to hike around Monument Rocks or perhaps  mountain bike through the Red Hills.  However, if you require a more structured program or environment then Pro Fitness in Manhattan, Kansas is the establishment for you.  With extra amenities such as tanning, mixed martial arts, and body building (just to name a few) the Pro Fitness staff of personal trainers will assist you in reaching whatever fitness or weight loss goals you may have.


Sumner, Kansas has long been recognized as the wheat capital of the world.  Wheat is now being acknowledged as a healthier alternative to bleached flour when it comes to supporting more wholesome eating habits as well as furthering weight loss.  Kansas ranks in the top three in the nation amongst BBQ lovers.  With BBQ restaurants throughout the state serving mouthwatering ribs and sweet tea, it is always a wise investment to have a personal trainer there to motivate you after a splurge like that.  Nutritious eating practices accompanied by fitness training with a personal instructor can drastically improve your health and increase not only your stamina, but the longevity or your life.


You may prefer to run along the outer banks of Lake Scott or get lost in the prairie of Tallgrass National Preserve.  No matter what recreation you choose, it is vital to remember that fitness training is the key to unlocking your bodies truest potential.  Whether you accomplish your athletic ambitions through a personal trainer or fitness instructor is important to evaluate your aspirations and assess your weight loss goals so that you may be able to set realistic expectations of what you would like to achieve.


While it will take more than clicking your heels three times to help you lose weight,  it shouldn’t take anything further than closing your eyes to envision yourself working out with a personal trainer to motivate you into action.