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You don’t have to be a physicist to understand the simple formula of weight loss.  It’s a simple matter of calories burned must be greater than calories consumed in a day, and in order to do that we just need to eat healthy and exercise right ?

 Seriously, if it were really that simple then we would all have the perfect bodies and make the perfect choices for perfect health.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and achieving our individual weight loss and fitness goals does not start with our bodies, it starts with our minds.  We know that we are sick and tired of living in our overweight and unhealthy bodies, but our minds tell us that we are too tired to do anything to change it.

A Connecticut personal trainer will help you to reprogram your mind set from negative to positive.   Your positive mindset will change the outcome of what you have tried to accomplish a million times before.  Since you have made the insightful decision of teaming up with a personal trainer, the possibility of success in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals are now a probability.

An Ansonia personal trainer can teach you the correct ways to exercise in the comfort of your own Connecticut home. A lot of us don’t realize that we need to have proper form when exercising to achieve the benefits of strength, cardio, flexibility and fitness training.

You may want to include some outdoor fitness into your workout routine.  You can reap both the mental and physical health rewards with a hike or walk through Indian Wells Park in Ansonia.  Hiking is a great for burning off calories and stress.  Hiking reduces tension and clears the mind which will recharge your batteries to keep you focused on your fitness and health goals.

If you want to challenge yourself, simply head to the hills of Osbornedale Park in Ansonia.  A walking or hiking trail that changes in elevation will add some aerobic training to your workout.  Aerobic exercise will increase your heart rate and strengthen your cardiovascular system. 

Meriden is another Connecticut city that is a popular outdoor recreation destination for personal trainers and their clients.  Hubbard Park is abundant with fitness training possibilities.  Your personal trainer may compose a workout schedule that includes backcountry skiing, mountain biking, jogging or cycling on the trails of Hubbard Park.  Skiing, mountain biking and jogging are great exercises for improving body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.  A personal trainer will teach you how to modify your workout as your body’s stamina increases to insure that you are receiving the maximum health benefits of your fitness program. 

So it’s time to get cooking, pick up the phone and call a Connecticut personal trainer today.   Together you will formulate the ideal fitness program with the ingredients of motivation, discipline, and consistency concocting an impeccable recipe for your success.  If you want a taste of that you need to call a personal trainer today.  Once you do, you will never look back!