Whether you are an independent contractor under your own certified personal training business or you are employed as a certified personal trainer at a fitness club, spa or gym, you will need personal trainer professional liability insurance.

Do I need Personal Trainer Insurance ?

The risk of injury due to the physical nature of personal training is real, so you will not want to operate as a certified personal trainer without personal trainer professional liability insurance. You have worked so hard and diligently to build your certified personal training business so you don't want to take the unnecessary risk of losing your personal training business by not being protected with personal trainer professional liability insurance.

Personal injury liability insurance covers you against claims concerning libel, slander or wrongful invasion of privacy. Personal trainer liability insurance policies cover liability claims wherever you are training clients, whether it is at a fitness club, in their home, at the beach, in the spa or anywhere you may be training your clients.

You may also want to consider extra coverage such as sexual abuse personal training insurance due to the physical contact nature of certified personal training.

There are several companies that offer a variety of certified personal trainer insurance policies and coverage. I.D.E.A Health and Fitness Association offers personal trainer insurance, group fitness insurance, yoga insurance and health club insurance.

IdeaFit provides personal liability coverage for personal trainers and group exercise trainers or instructors. Ideafit also offers customized and portable coverage for certified personal trainers wherever they train their clients and Ideafit offers commercial and liability insurance protection for independent personal trainer contractors.

As an independent certified personal trainer, you have dedicated so much time and energy to creating and building a successful certified personal training business. You will want to have the peace of mind to focus on your clients and conduct your business with confidence by covering yourself as a certified personal trainer and your personal training business with personal injury liability insurance for personal trainers.

Being insured is an essential component of your personal trainer business. It also shows your commitment to your clients and you will be viewed as an ethical and serious certified personal trainer.

Protect all that you have worked so hard for by covering yourself and your business with one of the many comprehensive personal trainer insurance programs that fit a variety of certified personal trainer needs.

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